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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Out With The Old... In With The New

Wow! I can't believe it's 2008. I had a very busy end to 2007... making jewelry as gifts, trying to find time to wrap everything and getting the house cleaned up for my folks. I made Ted's mom a 20 gauge Byzantine bracelet, my dad got a 16 gauge Byzantine bracelet and my mom got a 9 row 4-in-1 weave bracelet. I saved my mom's bracelet for last because I knew it would take the longest. Little did I know it would take me almost 13 hours to make it. Yes... I stayed up all night making, because of course, I waited til the last minute to do hers. As they were showing up, it was being put into the tumbler. How's that for perfect timing. LOL Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures of it, but the next time I'm down there for a visit, I'll get plenty of 'em.

I got a few new toys for Christmas... one being my new laptop. It's so awesome and beautiful! And it's so wonderful not to have to use my son's to run my shop. It was a royal pain trying to get him off long enough for me to get anything accomplished. I have lots of new programs to play with and lots of new stuff to learn. I want to say "hopefully I'll have enough time...", but I'm actually hoping my jewelry business will pick up so I won't have time to mess with anything else. =)

I've listed a few new things on Etsy since my last post. I do believe they're all earrings too. Not that I mean this in a bad way, but they are less time consuming than bracelets and necklaces. I can get more created and can still tear myself away in between to do other things around the house. Once I set out on making something, I'm pretty much glued to it until it's finished. That's NOT good for the others that live with me and depend on me. LOL But I do enjoy it, no matter what I'm making. Chainmaille is so relaxing... it's almost like I'm meditating when I'm creating. I just zone in to the piece and forget about everything else around me.

So here's the earrings I've made... The first pair, The Vision, is of my own design and I think it's truly beautiful. The second is a mixture of chainmaille weaves (Byzantine and 3-in-1) and the third pair is the Shaggy Loops weave. As usual, if you'd like more information on them, just click on my shop above.

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