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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making the Time

Oh how I love creating chainmaille!!! I'm especially busy right now on the jewelry end of things and it's hard finding the time to do what I need... better yet what I WANT to do. I work a full time day job and I'm the manager of two softball teams, which are starting their seasons next week. I'm having to organize alot of stuff to get the two teams ready, plus come home, pick up (what needs picking up), cook dinner if Ted's not home, clean that mess up and still have the energy to sit down and do maille. Not that maille takes a whole lot of energy, but usually if I'm tired, I just wanna plop down on the couch and watch something on TV. My addiction calls though and just about every evening, I'm sitting at my desk creating away. I love it!!!

This weekend I'm headed back to The Hideaway for another round. They're having a Customer Appreciation Day which includes vendors, a cookout, horse shoe tournament, two bands, plus a few other things. I'm really looking forward to it... especially since the only thing I'll need to do for my displays is touch up the paint a bit.

I've also signed up to sell at the Honey Bee Festival in Kernersville next month. It'll be great going back there to work. We lived there for 18 years and I do miss it something awful. It's a great little town (that's not so little anymore), where no matter where you go, you see someone you know. I love it like that! I've also been asked to set up at a small wine tasting event, also in Kernersville, early September. It's very small... just a few hours one evening. I need to get more details on it, but I'm also looking forward to that.

A dear friend of mine, Texstyle Textures ( has placed a wonderful order with me. Full Persian Cross keychains... 40 of them. =) Of course, they're not due for a while so I can pace myself to make it a whole lot easier on my time, hands and back.

There's also an Art Studio/store that I've been wanting to get my jewelry in. I've already approached the woman that owns it... now I just need to set up an appointment with her to show her my work. I'm actually waiting on some tags and earring cards I ordered before I do that. I want to look as professional as possible, but still handmade. I think the tags and cards will bring all of that together just perfectly. They match my business cards and banner and will be attached with black ribbon to my bracelets and necklaces. Everything was designed by Tartsie, on Etsy ( The tags and cards are being printed by KittyCrossBones, also on Etsy (

These next few months will be so exciting for me. I love having a purpose! By that I mean, not just sitting down and creating something to list on Etsy in hopes of selling it. I'd much rather create knowing that it's definitely going to someone, or that it's for a show (and more than likely going to sell).

I'm hoping Sunday I can get back on here an do a Featured Artist. It's been a while since I've done one... a looooong while, so I need to make that a priority.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Peace, Love and Happy Creating!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's been way too long...

I've obviously been very slack in updating my blog. Seven months have gone by since my last post and time has just flown on by in the blink of an eye. I've been fairly busy these last few months as business has picked up fairly well for me (off Etsy of course).

During the months of May, June and July I was very busy, trying to get ready for a "show" (if you want to call it that). It was for a Summer Bash that was being held at The Hideaway... a small, local bar that caters to the motorcycle enthusiast. My cousin hooked me up with the owner of the bar for their 3rd Annual Summer Bash (Thanks, Kim!!!). She (Billie) had always wanted to have a jewelry vendor there, and fortunately, my cousin had me. =) It turned out very well and my displays, which I made out of motorcycle parts, were a hit. Mostly what I sold was stainless steel, but a few sterling silver pieces went to good homes.

My handle bar and fender displays came by way of Jack at Clayton Auto Air in Greensboro. Big kisses to Jack. He's such a sweetie! And the muffler and seat were courtesy of BMW in Greensboro. Thanks to Richard and the other guys there for letting me scrounge through all your parts. (I hope I wasn't in the way.) I actually have some more parts from the shop that I haven't done anything with, but I fully intend to make something with them.

The best part of putting all this stuff together was using a dremel tool to cut through the muffler. I went through 4 blades cutting that thing apart and still had to get my son to cut through the center pipe with a hacksaw. I also went through 3 drill bits trying to make holes. *Tap first... a good tap, then drill*. LOL It was all worth it though. I think that and the handlebars are my favorite pieces.

The fender... ahh the fender. LOL Tyler had to use the hacksaw on that too. He and Ted actually took turns cutting it in half (thanks guys). It was tough, and I totally felt bad for them while I was standing there watching. =) I was only able to do a base color on them (working at the last minute), so they're not actually finished yet. I have intentions of doing some more painting on them, but my idea of what I want them to look like has changed. I'll probably end up hunting down another one and reworking it, because I'm not too fond of how they look right now. I don't even think repainting them will change my mind. I actually want to change the shape of it, or at least part of it. I see things in my mind and won't stop until I make it happen.

This little piece (my wire tree) is something I made a year or so ago to display some polymer clay ornaments that Ted and I made. Luckily, it's great for hanging pendants from. =) It really doesn't fit with the theme yet (except for the fact that it's wire), but it will. That's what some of the other motorcycle parts are going towards... a base for my tree. Ted put together a make-shift base out of softballs and cloth. It's not that pretty, but it served it's purpose. The tree is fairly stable, but a bump on the table will send it toppling over.

Here's my whole set up under one little tent. It looks a bit crowded, but it really wasn't too bad behind the tables. I say that, but actually when everyone got there (people I knew), they started hanging out at my area. I loved it, but it did get crowded with 4 chairs back there... especially when it started to rain. Thank goodness the rain only lasted about 10 minutes (due to the overcrowding). We did welcome what rain we got though. It was scorching hot out there, very humid and no breeze at all. And of course, after all the sweating, running makeup and frizzy hair from being out there all day long, a lady from Full Throttle magazine came around to take pictures of us for their magazine. I bet that's gonna be a great picture. LOL

I'm actually going back to do another round at The Hideaway next weekend and am really looking forward to it. I'm diligently working on more weaves (I've had to order more rings... YAY) and will work some more on the displays next week. Derek's loaning me his tables again PLUS an extra tent for all the peeps hanging around (Thanks Derek!!!). I think I'm pretty much good to go. At least I'm alot better of than I was around this time for the last event there.

Here's hoping for another successful event!

... and not so much time passing before I update my blog. *snicker*