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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making the Time

Oh how I love creating chainmaille!!! I'm especially busy right now on the jewelry end of things and it's hard finding the time to do what I need... better yet what I WANT to do. I work a full time day job and I'm the manager of two softball teams, which are starting their seasons next week. I'm having to organize alot of stuff to get the two teams ready, plus come home, pick up (what needs picking up), cook dinner if Ted's not home, clean that mess up and still have the energy to sit down and do maille. Not that maille takes a whole lot of energy, but usually if I'm tired, I just wanna plop down on the couch and watch something on TV. My addiction calls though and just about every evening, I'm sitting at my desk creating away. I love it!!!

This weekend I'm headed back to The Hideaway for another round. They're having a Customer Appreciation Day which includes vendors, a cookout, horse shoe tournament, two bands, plus a few other things. I'm really looking forward to it... especially since the only thing I'll need to do for my displays is touch up the paint a bit.

I've also signed up to sell at the Honey Bee Festival in Kernersville next month. It'll be great going back there to work. We lived there for 18 years and I do miss it something awful. It's a great little town (that's not so little anymore), where no matter where you go, you see someone you know. I love it like that! I've also been asked to set up at a small wine tasting event, also in Kernersville, early September. It's very small... just a few hours one evening. I need to get more details on it, but I'm also looking forward to that.

A dear friend of mine, Texstyle Textures ( has placed a wonderful order with me. Full Persian Cross keychains... 40 of them. =) Of course, they're not due for a while so I can pace myself to make it a whole lot easier on my time, hands and back.

There's also an Art Studio/store that I've been wanting to get my jewelry in. I've already approached the woman that owns it... now I just need to set up an appointment with her to show her my work. I'm actually waiting on some tags and earring cards I ordered before I do that. I want to look as professional as possible, but still handmade. I think the tags and cards will bring all of that together just perfectly. They match my business cards and banner and will be attached with black ribbon to my bracelets and necklaces. Everything was designed by Tartsie, on Etsy ( The tags and cards are being printed by KittyCrossBones, also on Etsy (

These next few months will be so exciting for me. I love having a purpose! By that I mean, not just sitting down and creating something to list on Etsy in hopes of selling it. I'd much rather create knowing that it's definitely going to someone, or that it's for a show (and more than likely going to sell).

I'm hoping Sunday I can get back on here an do a Featured Artist. It's been a while since I've done one... a looooong while, so I need to make that a priority.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Peace, Love and Happy Creating!

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