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Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy for the Holiday's and... Oooh, look... a Contest... and What's That??? A Sale Too???

I've been quite busy late, and have really been neglecting my blog. Actually, it seems like everything's been pushed aside so I can get my new website going... cleaning, making jewelry, listing pictures. My site has been my priority and it's slowly coming together. It's hasn't been difficult, but it has been a pain at times. I kinda messed it all up today by putting too much CSS code in, but it was pretty easy to fix once I got the hang of it. You can check it out at Ikow Designs. It's up and running, I just still have a lot of blank spots to fill in. If anyone can come up with some ideas for my home page, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll even go one better on that...

For the person who can come up with the best ideas for my home page (content and/or layout), I'll send you a either a pair of my Vision earrings in Argentium Silver or if you don't wear earrings, I'll send you a Vision Pendant on a silk cord of your choice. Cord colors are light blue, black, brown and light purple. When I say ideas, I don't mean just one thing. I mean enough content to make on good dent on the page. =) Submit ideas here by posting it in comments and I'll make a decision... we'll say on December 1st. Of course, I guess how this goes will depend on how many people read my blog. LOL Right now I don't think it's that many. I know websites are a personal thing, but right now, I am just at a loss as for what to put on it.

I've managed to retake a lot a pictures for the jewelry that's on my Etsy site, and hopefully will get them all listed soon. I also have a lot of jewelry that hasn't been listed yet. There's just so much to do, but until the site is at least somewhat in a livable condition, I just can't bring myself to work on other things. I'm hoping by this Wednesday, I'll be able to push the site aside and get everything listed on both locations.

I have managed to wrangle up a sale for both sites. Everything in my Etsy store and my website store are 20% off from now until the end of December. For my Etsy store, follow through with the purchase, but don't pay. I will send you a revised invoice to pay from. Once payment is received, your item will ship. From my website, the discounted price should show up at checkout. Of course this is the first sale I've had since getting the site up, so I apologize in advance if any little buggies show up.

Ok... I'm signing off for now, but hope to be back on here sometime this week.