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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Tax Time

I haven't been doing much creating since the weekend... I'm trying to get ready to file taxes. This will be the first year I'm filing for my business and I'm kind of at a loss as to what I need to do. I'm trying to research as much as I can on the internet, but I'll end up calling my Accountant in the end to get specifics. The biggest part of what I need to do is inventory and I am SOOOO dreading that. My boyfriend installed an inventory control program on my computer, which will help out tremendously... it's just going through everything to see what I have. He's not even sure that filing this year will be a good idea since I am still in the start-up phase. I guess he's trying to tell me that I'm still just a bit unorganized. LOL

As soon as I get all this tax stuff done, I'll be ordering some more rings and getting back to creating chainmaille. There's a ton of weaves I want to try, but I can only do one at a time. I actually have the rings to do the Jens Pind's weave sitting right in front of me. It's all too tempting to just drop the tax stuff right now and work on it, but I really do need to wait.

I have a little special going on for those who actually read my blog. If you purchase any jewelry piece off of my Etsy store, enter BLOGSPECIAL in the Notes to Seller and I'll give you a 15% discount on the listed price. If at all possible, convo me BEFORE you add it to your cart and tell me BLOGSPECIAL and which piece you wish to purchase. I'll then change the listing price just before you purchase it. This will save on sending a revised invoice to you. Either way is fine though... just remember BLOG SPECIAL. =)

I have featured another Freethinker Artist, Le Chat Noir Studios, over to the right. Please be sure to stop by her shop and check out her fabulous art dolls.

Til next time...

Peace, Love and Happy Creating

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