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Monday, December 3, 2007

I've decided to have a sale

What better time to have a sale than Christmas. For the next two weeks, I'm offering a 15% savings on all beaded and semi precious stone jewelry in my shop. Please see my shop announcement for more details.

I haven't spent much time the last few days on jewelry. I did make a pair of chainmaille earrings for the Christmas party last Saturday. Then Ted and I made two ornaments for the hostess. Ted said he didn't realize it had to be a guy gift and a girl gift until I mentioned it Saturday, so he rummedged around the house to see what he wanted to get rid of for the guy gift. He ended up giving his voltage meter (can't remember the real name of it) as the gift. I have to say, once it was opened, it got snagged up a few times, until the hostess, Jen, ended up with it again.

Sunday, Ted and I went supply and organizational item shopping. We ended up buying some ribbon for our ornaments and two 7 drawer tote thingies to store all the PC stuff in. We now have our kitchen table back to it's full functioning use of an actual kitchen table. =) And we actually ate dinner on it tonight. LOL I don't know how long it'll last, but for right now it looks nice.

I made my first Etsy sale today (thank you to the buyer). Got it packaged all up tonight and ready to ship out tomorrow. I don't know if she reads my blog or not, but it really meant alot to me that she bought an ornament!

Ok... I'm headed off to bed. I didn't get but 3 hours of sleep last night and it's hitting me pretty hard right now. Hopefully my kitty, Moe, will follow me up and snuggle with me. =)

Nighty Night!


Laura F said...

So I have a question, crafter to crafter, I just started chain mail and am finding it hard to find places to buy the rings. The only place I ever bought from thus far has been but I was not very happy with the service and was wondering if you could suggest anywhere else.


Ikow Designs said...

Laura, what's your email address? I'd rather reply to you that way.



Laura F said...