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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Thoughts

This will be a quick post, since it's almost 5:00.

I'm still hammering away on my Freethinker's project. I ran into a little snag last night with some of the rings and have to work my way through it. I don't think it'll be too difficult to do... it's just a matter of getting the same result a different way, using different (bigger) rings.

I had to give my Christmas list to my boyfriend yesterday. The entire list was chainmaille stuff. LOL Of course he asked "This can't be all you want?"... yep, it sure is. I want to learn all the weaves I can and I need the rings to do them in different sizes and would love to have all sorts of extra rings to try my own thing (kind of off the beaten path of regular chainmaille).

I really want to push myself with this and see just how creative I can be with chainmaille. I do love the standard weaves... they're all so beauiful, but there are at least a dozen people on Etsy selling the same thing I am. If I don't start getting creative with it, I'll remain lost in the flood of jewelry items being posted every day.

Someone posted in a forum today that in order to have an item on every page that day, you would need to list something every 11 seconds, all day long. That's alot!!! I'm kind of wondering if the move to Etsy was such a great idea. I do love it and love the people I've met, but a ton of artists and their products are getting burried, and it's not gonna stop or slow down. I'm giving it a year, no matter what though. I do have some sales outside of Etsy, but haven't had any since joining the venue in September. I wonder if the Christmas season and all the shoppers that come to Etsy will change that for me?

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