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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Project for the Etsy Freethinkers Group

I've been thinking about what to make to go along with the Freethinker's theme (Peace and Tolerance) for a while. I had a general idea, but yesterday all the little details finally came together in my mind. Of couse I haven't written anything down... that'll come after or while it's made. It's all stored up in my head for now... and I really hope it stays there.

I started creating it last night and I really think my vision is gonna come through for me. It is a chainmaille piece, mixing Argentium Silver and Gold Filled rings. It may take me a while to complete it, because it is a bit detailed and seems like it's gonna be a bit tricky in spots. But I have a feeling it's gonna be beautiful! And I have all the patience in the world for chainmaille.

I can't decide if I should post pictures of it in process or not. Would anyone be interested in seeing it being made?

With Christmas coming up, I really need to get started on gifts for family and friends. I'm currently waiting on some more rings to come in for the family part. We have a Christmas party coming up this weekend that we need two "White Elephant" gifts for. I thought about making a pair of earrings for that, but I think everyone else will bring actual gag gifts. hmmm... have to think about that a bit more. I don't have much time though, so I'll talk to Ted tonight about it.
Off to the right, I'll be featuring a different Etsy artist every so often, so be sure to have a look. I haven't decided yet if it'll be once a week or less, so be sure to check back often so you don't miss anyone.
Hope y'all have a great day!!!

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